Monday, 21 March 2011

Jeannie Phan: Artist, Website and Blog

I mentioned Jeannie Phan in my post on Zines available here.
She is a Vietnamese-Canadian artist (sorry for getting that wrong first-time!) based in Toronto. Her website is really beautiful and well-thought through - I really recommend having a look. This is her home page which I took a screen-shot of:

She has an online sketchbook, a portfolio of work, a shop where you can buy zines for as little as $2.99 and a blog which details her entire process of what she does. 

It's a virus zine (2010)
I'm actually going to do a blog on art boxes as it is a form they have always held a fascination for me. I was one of those children that loved making pop-up books, secret compartments and anything contained in their own worlds. Phan's clear and original style is clearly imprinted on this one:

Paper Myra (2006)

I love her blog. She shows you techniques on little video clips which are done in a sort of arty-slapdash way which I really like. I think she must be a student as she's trying out all sorts of different techniques, mediums etc but her own personal style really does come through. 

I'm really tempted by all the things she has in her shop, especially one of the zines... 

Mock book cover for Hans Christian Andersen: Fairy Tales

I think your work is wonderful! Keep up the good work Jeannie!


  1. Hi there! Stumbled across your entry on my work. Awesome article, I'm so happy you're enjoying what I do!

    I'm actually Vietnamese-Canadian (though Chinese is pretty close considering I'm 1/4th).

    Again, thanks for the kind words.

  2. \( n u n )/ Love Jeannie Phan's work!


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